Last Minute Picks for #smwnyc

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We’re psyched for SMWNY here at Zeitgeist, even if the term “social media” is beginning to make everyone break out in hives…   For one thing, I’ll be helping to facilitate a sort of gigantic ideation session sponsored by my friends at Luminary Labs on Health | Tech | Food, billed as an “Open Innovation Event to Solve for the Health of New Yorkers” — it’s not too late to RSVP! And speaking of “not too late,” here are more picks with space still available as of now (light on marketing /how-to’s, heavy on citizenship, social good, art, and weird and/or cool):

The Internet & Uprisings in the Arab World: Are We Already In A Post-Social Media World?, Hosted by Wired

No Right Brain Left Behind, “an innovation challenge asking the broader creative industries to concept ideas that will help the creativity crisis happening in U.S. schools today.”

This Is Africa… How Music and Social Media Are Re-defining A Continent

Social Media on Ice at Citi Pond at Bryant Park “Stop by and get your glide on, as the first 50 people to arrive to the party and check-in using Foursqaure will receive FREE VIP SKATE PASSES for Citi Pond.”

Part of Open UN: Engagement in the Age of Real-Time Hosted by United Nations Global Pulse

Future Library: Socializing History with Maps, Hosted by The New York Public Library

Research Gone Social: Leveraging the Web to Advance Scientific Discovery, Hosted by Mendeley

The Future of Mobile Gaming

NY Gaming & Social Media: What’s Working?

B.L.A.P.S Music Composition & Social Media

Innovation Showcase: Social Media for Higher Education presented by McGraw-Hill

The Digital Gallery: How Social Media is Democratizing the Art World?

The Rise of the Movement Entrepreneur

The New Food Reviewers: Is Social Media Making Us Savvy or Snarky? <<JEFFREY STEINGARTEN ALERT for all you foodie fanboys and fangirls!!

WikiLeaks and Online Civil Disobedience, Hosted by Personal Democracy Forum

Social Books: How Social Media is Changing the Writing, Reading and Promotion of Books <<STEVEN B. JOHNSON ALERT for all you fanboys and fangirls!

Keynote Presentations: “From Borges to Lost: How Narrative Went Nonlinear with Frank Rose, Author of the Art of Immersion” by Author of The Art of Immersion Frank Rose and “The New Curation Economy – Sharing or Stealing?” Author of Curation Nation Steve Rosenbaum

Open Government and The Transformation of New York City’s Digital Environment (w NYC Gov Digital Bigwigs)

Uses of Technology from a Crisis Response and Education Perspective w/ Google

Enriching the Arts Experience Through Integrated Social Media w/ Guggenheim

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