We Like Students for Free Culture

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Here’s a shout out to the Students for Free Culture Conference taking place this weekend in New York City.  They’ve got a great line-up with panels on remix culture, music, and the arts, open education/open access, fashion and free culture, and keynotes from Greg Pak and the Diaspora guys.  Aside from putting together awesome programming, what we really love about Students for a Free Culture is that it’s a group dedicated to getting college-age people involved in the dialogue about free and open culture – the same college-age people who belong to “the generation” that gets talked about constantly by proponents of free culture as well as doomsdayers who fret about file-sharing and social networking.  It’s heartening to see younger stakeholders challenging each other to get involved, and exploring the ways we can re-shape the ideas of ownership, sharing, and fair use.

It’s just too bad we don’t see this kind innovative thinking from groups like The Authors Guild, who prefer shoddy, fear-mongering New York Times op-eds [login alert] about how art and culture can’t survive the Web.  Sure it can!  It is! Stop shouting at young people to get off your lawn/stop downloading files, and start having a reasonable conversation with them about fair use!  We think they’re game for it.

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