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Interviews with Smart People: Frank Speiser, Co-Founder of Social Flow

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“Technological evolution will make it easier to listen and harder to hide, and will make it possible to isolate people based on what they believe. If we allow ourselves to be broken down into factions and played off one another, then that’s what we’ll get.

On the flip side, technology makes it easier to distribute your thoughts and ideas. It’s a lot harder to stop you from reaching 1,000 people now than it was just 15 years ago. The cost of acquiring an audience of hundreds of thousands of people is pretty much the opportunity cost of your time. We can find ways to co-operate now that have not been possible in the course of human history until now. Hopefully the more capable of us choose to go that route.

I predict that eventually we’ll have a P2P barter system, a competing set of social currencies, and new derivatives based on social receptivity. It might take a while, but that’s coming. We’ll probably also pick up a whole new set of jerks that attempt to abuse all of the above. That’s just life.”